Kanopi provides technology
to enhance the work of
financial institutions

Technology for financial institutions

Kanopi provides the software and staff training for financial institutions to reach new members. Kanopi technology makes monitoring accounts and transactions easier. Our core banking system allows all information to be centralised and stored in real-time. We provide front-end technology for Android devices that make in-field registrations and transactions secure and accurate.

Mifos X hosted on Indonesian servers

Mifos X is an open-source back-end system for financial institutions. This system manages client data, loan and savings portfolios, and reporting. All systems comply with Indonesian Government Regulation No. 82/2012.

Mobile tools for staff

Android applications that allow staff to complete transactions in the field securely and transparently, so management always have an overview of cash, assets, and liabilities.

Biometric security

Kanopi uses biometric authentication to improve security. Fingerprint scans identify and/or verify customers. Kanopi's own technology combines biometric devices with Android devices for secure field transactions, such as cash withdrawals.


Hosted Kanopi Web package
Installation fee = Rp 10,000,000

Rp. 3.8 Juta per month

  • 1 to 999 customers
  • Email / chat support
  • -
  • -

Rp. 6.4 Juta per month

  • 1.000 to 4.999 customers
  • Email / chat Support
  • Phone support
  • -

Rp. 8.2 Juta per month

  • 5.000 to 10.000
  • Email / chat support
  • Phone support
  • On-site training

For institutions with greater than 10.000 customers, please contact us for a free quote.

Optional add-ons

+ SMS notifications that are customised for deposit receipt, withdrawal receipt, account balance, reminders, general news

+ Android application for savings, with biometric scanners for simple, fast, and secure transactions in the field

+ Peer to peer lending platform to access and collate individual sources of funding